Sailing knots

Sailors are known for their knot tying. Knots that are good to know: Bowline, Figure Eight, Cleat Hitch, and the Square Knot.

Racing rules

Learning the racing rules is a must when trying to become a racer on the WMU sailing team. You do not need to learn all of the rules the first day of sailing. US Sailing Rule Book

Learning the points of sail will make your sailing experience much more enjoyable. Once learning these points of sail you are on your way to sailing a boat by yourself!

Parts of the boat

Points of sail

Learning the parts of the boat is a very important part about starting to sail. By knowing these parts of the boat you will be able to move around the boats easier and be more active on the water.

Basics of Sailing

This page is designed to give members and interested students a chance to learn some important elements of sailing before getting on the water.

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