Come sail away with the best sailing team in Kalamazoo!

Western Michigan Sailing 

Figure 2. BURGEE

Figure 1. Pennies


Who is able to join?

Anybody that goes to Western Michigan University that wants to sail or learn how to sail.


A burgee is in the shape of a pannet flag that is a symbol of your home Yacht Club.  For WMU Sailing our home club is WMU or as we like to say (KZYC). That is why the WMU "W" is located on the burgee in figure 2.

Do  need experience to join the WMU Sailing Team?

No. No experience is necessary to join. We will teach you to sail. All of our board members are US Sailing certified and have the passion to teach students to sail.

How can I join?

If you would like to join the team or have more questions you can contact us by email. also like us on facebook for more updates on the team.

Do I have to own Sperrys to be on the team?

Sperrys are more than just a fashion trend. They started as a reliable shoe to wear on boats. This being said, you do not need to own a pair of Sperrys to be on the team.

What do I wear to go sailing?

In the summer time or when it is warm a bathing suit is ideal. We do sail when it gets colder so anything that wicks water is preferable. Investing in a pair of neoprene gloves or boots are also very nice to have. When we are racing we will wear a school specific penny to represent our school and team. Also easier to see for spectators.

What if I came straight from class and need to change into a suit?

The team has access to the Gull Lake Yacht Club with bathrooms and showers.

Why should I join the Western Michigan Sailing Team?

By joining our team you will meet new friends, be able to network all over the midwest, and be able to learn how to sail and race.

What if I do not have a car? How do I get to practice?

No problem! The team will meet in the back of the Recreation building near the outdoor track to car pool and take as minimum cars as possible.

Where does the team practice?

9725 W Gull Lake Dr, Richland, MI 49083